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Lori Lieberman’s 17th CD… Mixed by Bob Clearmountain Lori first connected with the Netherlands years ago when she was on tour with Rick Nelson. Since then, audiences there embraced her music and supported her in her concert tours and CDs. Featured here, are some of the talented artists who came to LA to write with her: Ruben Hein, Niels Geusebroek, Jan Dulles and 3JS, Sandra van Nieuwland, and a new title, written with the legendary Henny Vrienten. Songs written with Wendy Waldman, the Refugees, and a duet with Shane Alexander make this CD, recorded in High Resolution 192/24, her finest recording yet.

Price:   $15.95

"Bricks Against The Glass" Blu-Ray
Lori Lieberman's Bricks Against The Glass on Blu-Ray Pure Audio Disc Audio mastered from original tapes, delivered in DTS-HD, Master Audio Dolby True HD, or PCM Remastered by the Grammy-winning team responsible for Best Surround Sound for Patricia Barber's Modern Cool True High-Resolution 24bit/96k audiophile sound; both 5.1 surround sound mix, stereo mix included

Price:   $29.98

"Bricks Against The Glass"
Each song, finely honed and more poignant than the next, reflects the songwriter who has seen it all but continues to learn, grow, and change. That stellar voice still exists, the variety, breadth and range of each song reminds one of a classic masterpiece. Musicians adding to their talents are: Lyle Workman, (Beck, Sting), Jason Orne (Alanis Morisette), Ryan MacMillan (Matchbox 20), Timothy Drury (The Eagles), and mastered at Wisseloord Studios, Netherlands, by Grammy Award winner, Darcy Proper.

Price:   $15.95

"Bend Like Steel"
Her most personal, heartfelt, and revealing CD to date, in addition to her guitar and piano, features the stellar musicianship of Lyle Workman (Beck, Sting), Brian Kilgore (Eminiem), Trey Henry (Johnny Cash), Eugene Ruffolo (Marc Cohen), Stefanie Fife (Christopher Cross)

On Drive On Records Lori Lieberman's new CD available for pre-order Official release date - April 30th 2011.

Price:   $15.95
"Takes Courage"
New European press, "Takes Courage" on V2 Records, a digitally re-mastered CD of the original "Gun Metal Sky" with an additional song by Dennis Wilson, including a special booklet of lyrics and photos, now available.

Price:   $25.00
"Gun Metal Sky"
The CD Lori Lieberman fans have been asking for is here. This compilation, six years in the making, is a masterpiece of vivid colors, with songs that are both penned by Lieberman as well as five songs by some of our most beloved songwriters.

Price:   $15.95
"Daughters and Sons"
Even in California, wreaths are nailed to the front doors and wither from the heat of the December sun - the malls are beginning their holiday panic, and joyful songs of Christmas taunt us to get into the holiday spirit. "It’s been five long years since “mission accomplished” and our sons, daughters, mothers and fathers are still being sent and re-sent to fight in this forever war. I thought about celebrating in the midst of much madness and it felt inauthentic to me - so I wrote down my wish, and my wish became my prayer, my prayer became my hope, and my hope became this Christmas song, entitled, “Daughters And Sons”."

Price:   $3.50
Lori's newest album on Drive On Records and possibly her finest, delivers 10 performances that will leave you breathless.

Price:   $15.95
"Gone is the Girl"
The third CD from Pope Music - A departure from the two mic live recordings, this CD was Pope's first in-studio recording featuring Timothy Drury (The Eagles), Steve Klong, Lyle Workman... CD is currently out of print - CDR available.

Price:   $13.95
"Home of Whispers"
The definitive two mic live recording from Pope Music. Engineered by Gene Pope. Hailed by Rich Warren of WFMT as "Favorite CD of 1996." Included in this recording, "Girl Writing A Letter", "Circling Of The Souls."
Price:   $15.95
"A Thousand Dreams"
Lori's first collection of songs since the famous Capitol Years. This outstanding album was nominated for The Golden Note Award, a standard for recording excellence, marked the debut of Pope Music, was engineered by Gene Pope and produced by Mark Levinson. Featuring Amanda McBroom, Chuck Delmonico, Tommy Morgan, Dean Parkes.

Price:   $15.95
"Lori Lieberman"
Lori’s first album, recorded in West Hollywood in 1972. Includes Lori’s original recording of “Killing Me Softly With His Song”. The songs on this album include, “Time For Me To Go”, “There’s A Harbor”, and “My Lover Do You Know”. Many new young talents lent their artistry to this recording: a very young Larry Carlton, Dean Parks, Max Bennet, Bud Shank, Dennis Budimir, John Guerin, and of course, Charles Fox, to name a few.

Price:   $22.00
"A Piece of Time"
This album was recorded in a very short period of time in 1974 at the studios at Capitol Records. Because Lori had been doing an extensive amount of touring both in the U.S. and overseas, her “road band” was featured, as well as studio musicians from her previous LP’s. Featured are: Sneaky Pete, Merry Clayton, and Herb Pederson. The song, “I Got A Name” was recorded as a tribute to Jim Croce. Songs included are: “A Piece Of Time”, “Stone Canyon”, and “Legacy”.

Price:   $22.00
"Straw Colored Girl"
This LP was recorded at A&M studios, with Joni Mitchell’s engineer, Henry Lewy, at the helm. This album featured “The L.A. Express” This LP was released primarily in Europe. The title cut, a song about Lori’s years growing up in Switzerland, entitled, “Straw Colored Girl”- is her favorite. Her other favorites include, “Downhill Walker”, “For More”, “Airports”, “Nothing To Do With Me”, and “The Last Free Man”. Musicians featured are: Larry Carlton, Larry Nash, Max Bennet, Ben Benay, Bud Shank, Tom Scott and Charles Fox

Price:   $22.00
Lori Lieberman’s second album for Capitol Records. It was recorded in 1973. It is one of her favorites, with beautifully developed and orchestrated songs. It includes: “The Seed First”, “It Didn’t Come Easy”, “Eleazar” and “I Go Along”, and “House Full Of Women.” Some of the featured musicians are: Dean Parks,Charles Fox, Dennis Budimir, John Guerin, Bud Shank and Tom Scott.

Price:   $22.00
"Best of Lori Lieberman"
This album was released only in Europe in 1976. It includes hits from “Lori Lieberman”, “A Piece Of Time”, and “Straw Colored Girl”.

Price:   $22.00
"Letting Go"
This album was recorded in New York in 1978, on Jimmy Ienner’s new label, “Millennium. Lori teamed up with Paul Leka, producer of Harry Chapin’s LPs, and all of the songs were arranged by Kenny Ascher. Highlights include “Burger King”, which details the story of a frustrated recording artist (guess who) who has to try out for a Burger King jingle. Other favorites include, “Boston”, “Late Last Night” and “Love Me Again”.

Price:   $22.00
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