Ready For The Storm Ready For The Storm

Lori performs her new song, “Woman” at The Cutting Room, NYC

"Lucky Life" the official video, written by Lori Lieberman and the Refugees

Lori talks about working with Dutch artists on her new CD.

A new song written and performed with the 3JS in Auro-3D 9.1.

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This year, despite my lack of posts, has been a busy one.

This summer I was asked to come to the Netherlands for my good friend Henny Vrienten’s surprise tribute at the Kleine Komedie in Amsterdam. For my US friends who may not be familiar with him, he is likened to the Paul McCartney of the Netherlands. We have been friends for decades and it meant so much to me to be part of an all-star line-up where I sang a song of his that I’d translated into English.

While I was there I recorded the amazing Matangi Quartet for my upcoming album which will be mixed by Bob Clearmountain. The name of the album will be “Lori Lieberman and the Matangi Quartet”. US cellist Stefanie Fife, and I have written all of the string arrangements- a first for me. The album will consist of 13 songs- with large instrumental breaks- a different kind of record for me, but one I’m so excited about and proud of. I feel that it fully reflects who I am as an artist, after all these years. I’m really taking my time with it. It should be out in the spring of 2019, followed by a theatre tour in the US and Europe.
I’ll update…

Thanks so much for your inquiries and your great support of my music. Really means a lot.


Matangi Quartet

Lori & the Matangi Quartet in the studio

Lori in the Netherlands


Lori and the Legendary Kris Kristofferson

Lori and Joe with Stephen Stills and Judy Collins

Lori celebrating her birthday concert