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August 26-September 1, 2013
Lori Lieberman: “Rise”
Lori Lieberman plays a soft and sparkling melody that seems almost antithetical to the combative lyrics. But played against beautifully shot footage of protest signs and Wall Street symbols, this gentle anthem voices the strength of a single idea.
In “Rise”, she has penned an irresistible call to action. Available as a single and on her upcoming release “Bricks Against The Glass”.

Just returned from a tour in the Netherlands, and had the greatest experience singing and playing with the 3JS, whose artistry, kindness, and talent, moved me to no end. Together we performed “Killing Me Softly” and “Water” to an incredibly enthusiastic audience. Please check them out at
Now that I’m back in the States, I’m focused on writing for, and recording my 17th CD in time for my November 8th concert at Carnegie Hall. Tickets Here


Leonard Cohen came up during  her concert and sang “Bird On A Wire”. Don McLean asked her to be in his new documentary, “American Troubadour” Judy Collins wrote that she is a  gifted songwriter. Who would have thought that the  artist, best known for “Killing Me Softly” all those years ago, would  tap into a whole new level of inspiration with her 15th CD, “Bricks Against The Glass”, her  finest work to date. Each song, finely honed and more  poignant than the next, reflects the songwriter who has seen it all but continues to learn, grow, and change.

That stellar voice still exists, but the variety, breadth, and range of each song reminds one of a classic masterpiece- how long has it been since there was a collection of songs that beckoned us to sit and listen from start to finish and follow along with this magnificent journey?

Musicians adding to their talents are: Lyle Workman, (Beck, Sting), Jason Orne (Alanis Morisette), Ryan MacMillan (Matchbox 20), Timothy Drury (The Eagles), and mastered at Wisseloord Studios, Netherlands, by Grammy Award winner, Darcy Proper.

Just confirmed!
An Evening With Lori Lieberman In Concert – At Carnegie Hall

November 8, 2014 – Tickets available HERE!
A retrospective of the legendary artist’s four- decade career that began with “Killing Me Softly” up to the release of her newest , 17th CD.

New Concert Dates Announced

Netherlands tour:
June 26, 27
Caprera Bloemendaal
Special guest of the 3JS ( she will be singing “Water” and “Killing Me Softly” with them!)
Tickets HERE!

June 28
De Oude Remise
Tickets HERE!

Lori Lieberman debuts “Water”


Lori-Lieberman-Water-for-CD-Baby-croppedLori Lieberman debuts “Water” her English recording of the well-known “Watermensen” , originally performed by the popular group in the Netherlands, The 3JS.

The song, “Watermensen” was a huge hit for the group, The 3JS, in the Netherlands. When Lori Lieberman heard it for the first time, she contacted Jan Dulles, the group’s lead singer, to inquire about writing an English lyric to the classic melody. While the original song, he explained, details the stories of how the people in the Netherlands are challenged by its waters, Lieberman spoke to him about how in the U.S., water has presented its own terrifying challenges with the recent Hurricanes on the East Coast and New Orleans. Hence, “Water” came to be. A new recording of a classic song, from the artist who inspired another timeless song, “Killing Me Softly”.
Watermensen van 3JS krijgt Amerikaanse cover
This is what the 3JS had to say:

Download Song Here

Concert at The Grammy Museum

Thank-you, L.A., for a sold-out concert at the Grammy Museum. It was such an honor to play there, along with my wonderful bandmates (Ryan MacMillan of Matchbox 20, Dan Lavery of Tonic and The Fray, John Krovoza of The Dixie Chicks, Michael Eisenstein of Melissa Etheridge, and from the Netherlands, Denise Jansen-Brand). Read the whole story here.


Listen to Bricks Against The Glass

Order It Here


“Lieberman’s songs are miniatures — portraits of love gained and lost. …….. They’re less about what’s seen than what’s felt. They shine a little light on lives that never make the headlines. And about ideas that are very familiar and rarely celebrated…” - Jesse Kornbluth Vanity Fair,

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