Ready For The Storm Ready For The Storm

Lori performs her new song, “Woman” at The Cutting Room, NYC

"Lucky Life" the official video, written by Lori Lieberman and the Refugees

Lori talks about working with Dutch artists on her new CD.

A new song written and performed with the 3JS in Auro-3D 9.1.

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I’ve had a pretty busy winter- I’ve been writing quite a lot, and took my new songs on the road with me for an East Coast, three city concert tour. It was also my birthday, and I just couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it, than to sing and do what I love… It was just me and the wonderful Aubrey Richmond from LA, on violin and background vocals- an intimate set of performances highlighted by some very meaningful moments:

First, I was just thrilled that my 92 year old Father flew in from London to New York… to see him in the audience was incredibly special for me—my dearest Joe, and two of my three children- now grown- were there as well as my sisters, cousins, and many friends who had travelled from all over, and some wonderful fans.

Not in this order, but the second meaningful thing for me, was that I’d long been an admirer of the New York-based, multi-talented writer, Marian Fontana, ( Based on her own personal story, “V Is For Virginia”, I’d contacted her earlier this year and asked if we could write a song together. Her story moved me so much- when both she and her friend, Martha, lost their firefighter husbands in 911. We called it “Martha And Me”. And at my concert at the Cutting Room, Marian came up on stage to sing it with me, and Martha was in the audience.

And lastly, again, and not in this order, was “My Sister’s Boyfriend”—a song I’d written on my “Bend Like Steel” CD, in honor of a dear friend of mine who ran with our crowd in Switzerland, and who was my sister’s boyfriend, Cliff Wright. Shortly after graduation, he went back to Illinois and most of us scattered- different US colleges, different countries. But Cliff was drafted and sadly, we lost him. For years and years, I tried to locate his family, without success. And then, just six months ago, I was able to find, through going to the Vietnam Wall online, one of his nieces, and ultimately, his two sisters. At first they thought it was a prank, and then, they heard the song, and what made it so special for me, was that they attended my concert, and many of my old friends were there. I really wanted them to know how much Cliff had meant to us.

So now, back home, I’m beginning to record my new songs. I’ve included here, a video of one of them- forgive the noisy plates and cups- but that’s the kind of club The Cutting Room is- it’s called “Woman”, and it’s based on the “Me Too” movement… Please check it out…

Wishing you all a safe and healthy holiday season…
Love, Lori

What a time! From a sold-out show last Fall at Carnegie Hall to the Grammy Museum this Fall, two Netherlands tours, the release of my EP in the Spring, the release of my new CD, “Ready for the Storm!” And, now, the shooting and release of my latest video, “The Making of Lucky Life.” A whirlwind, indeed!


Lori and the Legendary Kris Kristofferson

Lori and Joe with Stephen Stills and Judy Collins

Lori celebrating her birthday concert