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Lori performs her new song, “Woman” at The Cutting Room, NYC

"Lucky Life" the official video, written by Lori Lieberman and the Refugees

Lori talks about working with Dutch artists on her new CD.

A new song written and performed with the 3JS in Auro-3D 9.1.


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Lori Lieberman

It’s finally here…
My new album, “The Girl and the Cat” with the Matangi Quartet.

It’s a project that has meant so much to me over the years that it’s taken me to bring this to fruition- it began with the seed of an idea to do a project with the gifted string ensemble with whom I’d worked years ago. And then, I began to write, with them in mind, songs that open up to showcase their artistry in large open sections. I reached out to cellist, Stefanie Fife, and asked if we could do the string arrangements together.

It took two years to record both in LA and in the Netherlands- back and forth- engineered by Joseph Cali in LA, in the Netherlands, by Hans Ravenstein, in 192, and when it was ready, mixed by the legendary Bob Clearmountain, who fit me into his schedule in between Springsteen and the Stones.

The songs are from my life- my challenges-all ones that have turned into gifts along the way. I hope you will listen and join me on the road- beginning with Carnegie Hall on Oct. 4th, and Concertgebouw on Oct. 7th- all with the Matangi Quartet, who will be traveling with me… there are more dates on this site.
Thank-you, listeners…

With the release of her 19th album, “The Girl and the Cat”, Lori Lieberman will be on tour in October. The Matangi Quartet from the Netherlands, will be joining Lieberman at both Carnegie Hall in New York, and the equally esteemed, Het Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. More concert dates listed here:

New York:

October 4-  Carnegie Hall, New York

The Netherlands:

October 7- Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam

October 8 – Den Haag, Paard
(Lori Lieberman & Matangi Quartet)

October 9 – Middelharnis, Diekhuus
(An evening with Lori Lieberman)

October 10 – Leeuwarden, Neushoorn
(An evening with Lori Lieberman)

October 13 – Enschede, Metropool
(An afternoon with Lori Lieberman)

October 16 – Nijmegen, Doornroosje
(Lori Lieberman & Matangi Quartet)


Lori and the Legendary Kris Kristofferson

Lori and Joe with Stephen Stills and Judy Collins

Lori celebrating her birthday concert