Ready For The Storm Ready For The Storm

Lori performs her new song, “Woman” at The Cutting Room, NYC

"Lucky Life" the official video, written by Lori Lieberman and the Refugees

Lori talks about working with Dutch artists on her new CD.

A new song written and performed with the 3JS in Auro-3D 9.1.


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Lori Lieberman Lori Lieberman Lori Lieberman


Two years ago I had a dream to create a genre-bending album that would feature the Matangi Quartet from the Netherlands. I knew that I didn’t want to confine my music to any specific lane, and that I hoped to present this collection in concert, and in beautiful and respected venues. These photos and videos are from my recent tour that included Carnegie Hall, NY, Het Concertgebouw, Amsterdam, and several others throughout the Netherlands. I came home to LA following my tour, with a feeling of fulfillment, and that my dream had been realized.

Lori Lieberman and the Matangi Quartet at Concertgebouw Performing “Empty Chairs”/ “Killing Me Softly.”

Lori Lieberman and the Matangi Quartet in concert “Girl Writing a Letter”

Lori Lieberman and the Matangi Quartet “He Sings”

Lori Lieberman and the Matangi Quartet “Something of my Own”


I never really thought this would happen… so many years had passed since Roberta Flack had heard me on an airplane and recorded “Killing Me Softly”, – the song that would forever alter my life… but call it synchronicity or just the passage of time, she asked if we could meet just prior to my Carnegie Hall concert, and it was one of the most meaningful moments for me. She was beautiful beyond words, and it was profound, two women, forever joined together by a song.

Lori Leiberman meets Roberta Flack


Lori and the Legendary Kris Kristofferson

Lori and Joe with Stephen Stills and Judy Collins

Lori celebrating her birthday concert